On internet, there are many situations where you can give somebody else one or many links : It could be through an email, a forum's post, a comment for an article, when discussing on a social network or when giving your best links to a social bookmarking system.
Your links points directly to web sites like this :

Have a look to these links :

Pack.li proposes you to generate an intermediate web page available through a short url :
Have a look to
this pack of links :

Key features:

  • It is fast : only one form to fill,
  • It is easy : no registration required,
  • It is totally free : no hidden cost,
  • You get a short URL : easy to use everywhere, on smartphone especially,
  • Packs can be edited later : the packs URLs you already shared are always up-to-date,
  • Internet users can easily share your packs by using the share buttons included on each generated pages,
  • When you are making a pack, links descriptions are automatically provided when available,
  • The generated pages fit on latest smartphones : pages are 800 pixels wide