Adsense : how to subscribe and configure.

Subscription is only required if you want to earn money, you can fully use without any adsense account : just leave the "google adsense ID" field blank.
You can also start, right now, making some packs of links without giving a google adsense ID, and finally add it on them later.

The google adsense remuneration program is free and open to everybody. It only requires to own a website : do not be afraid, if you do not have one yet, we build one for you automatically.

Here is the step-by-step procedure :

STEP 1 :
If you already own a good quality website or a blog having at least 10 pages, go directly to Step 5,
STEP 2 :
Choose a pseudo that has not been already used on, to check, just go to your future web site : ( ex: ): if no packs is listed, the pseudo can be used.
A pseudo contains only lower-case letters, numbers and minus sign. Underscore and space are not allowed.
STEP 3 :
Create at least 10 high quality packs of links (many links with all fields fully and nicely filled).
This step is really important because google won't accept web site without any contents : please be verbose in your packs and links descriptions.
Do not forget to specify the pseudo you have chosen in the pack of links creation form.
STEP 4 :
Check the web site we generate for you : : All your packs must be listed here.
STEP 5 :
Subscribe to adsense program here : There is only one page, easy to fill. For the 'website URL', please specify (or another website you already own).
STEP 6 :
Wait your website is accepted : Google may take some time ( few days ) to check it, you will be notified when done.
STEP 7 :
Get your Publisher ID
  • Log into google adsense,
  • Note the publisher ID, it is available at the top-right of the page : The id looks like this : pub-0123456789012345. That is this ID that must be used in the pack of links creation form. You can edit the packs you already made and put that ID in the 'Google adsense ID' field to begin to earn money.
    Note : The google adsense ID is memorized in a cookie, you will have to enter it only once.
Configure Adsense :
Authorize google to publish your ads on :
  • Log into google adsense,
  • Visit the Account settings tab,
  • In the "Access & authorization" section, next to "Sites authorized to show ads," click "edit",
  • If the box marked "Only authorize certain sites to show ads for my account" is checked :
    Enter the URL in the allowed sites list and Save.
    Note : This authorization is mandatory to earn money from google with