Joint Complex 4000 Before & AFter

At age 65, just 8 weeks after his second knee replacement surgery Jerry is able to squat 205lbs for 20 reps, stand and balance on a basketball, hang upside down on a bar 12 feet off the ground, and has a full 135 degrees of flexion in his knee.

He has developed a complete recovery plan which includes exercises for flexibility and strengthening, a diet program to support weight loss and improved muscle tone, and his unique and powerful Success Mind-set program. It's all available on one simple CD. Find it on his site

Osteoarthritis may take the fun out of those actions you love to do. Osteoarthritis may affect almost any joint within your body and hurt. It often affects the hips, neck, hands, knees and back. The problem usually gets worse as time passes and there's no known cure, although there are osteoarthritis alternative treatment that may help you through the day.

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