How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye Does It Works

When buying foods and relying on the labels, you need to exercise a bit of judgement and some caution. Some foods will be labeled as 'sugar free', others as 'diabetic' and yet others will say 'artificially sweetened', or 'no added sugar'. So which of these foods (if any) are OK for type 2 diabetics to eat?

Foods and drinks that contain artificial sweeteners should be avoided due to the fact that many of the artificial sweeteners potentially have some adverse and harmful health effects, including possible cancer links, so these should be avoided, even though they appear appealing to diabetics for their sweetness without the blood sugar raising effects.

Other foods that have on their label 'no added sugar' may in fact be sweetened with alcohol sugars. Alcohol sugars will still raise the blood sugar levels of a diabetic, however not as quickly as natural sugars. They still have a similar calorific value as natural sugars. Some indications have shown that alcohol sugars may have a laxative effect and cause diarrhea.

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