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Blood circulation is very important to getting a larger penis because the more blood that can flow into the two chambers inside your penis shaft the bigger your penis can grow without proper blood circulation your penis can not grow at the size you desire. By knowing the right foods that promote blood circulation you can optimize your diet and make sure maximum blood flow reaches the penis shaft during an erection creating a large penis.

You want to avoid junk foods and foods with high salt content because they will only clog up the blood flow of your penis. Instead you want to eat foods such as almonds, omega 3 acids, fruits and apples. You should focus on fruits especially oranges because they contain high levels of vitamin C which are essential in blood circulation. Also make sure to drink plenty of water in order to flush out any excessive salt that can be clogging up blood circulation in your body.

The next thing you want to focus on is foods that promote a high sex drive. This is important in boosting your testosterone and making sure your penis can grow as fast as possible. Examples of foods that promote an increase in sex drive are crab legs, oysters and onions.

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