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Gold bullion is available in the form of either coins or bars. Bars are the most commonly traded gold assets owing to their compact and simple design, which makes them real easy and ergonomically suited to store and transport. In banks in Argentina, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland you can sell or buy gold bullion bars anytime. Coins are usually of higher quality than gold bars because the regulations governing gold bars are not as strict as those governing coins.

Bars carry lower premium than coins. Larger bars have lesser premium but are also more susceptible to fraud and forgery and tampering owing to their large value. One method of forgery is to include a lower quality metal deep within so that it cannot be revealed by an assay. An assay is a metallurgical analysis of metallic elements especially precious metals. Gold bars, especially of higher value, usually have an accompanying assay certificate. The Argor-Heraeus refinery of Switzerland offers 'kinebars' - gold bars with a hologram permanently etched on the surface.

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