11/12/12 Global Product Management Talk CEO dilemma and Steve Johnson hangout
by prodmgmttalk

Steve Johnson, CMO, Primary Intelligence, Leads Google Hangouts Discussion On Titles, Responsibilities And Distinctions Of Product Managers

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About Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson is a recognized thought-leader on topics for product, marketing, and sales leaders. Steve is Chief Marketing Officer for Primary Intelligence with a focus on instilling best practices in win/loss analysis and customer experience. His ideas on customer interaction help companies incorporate market facts into their product creation, marketing programs, and sales enablement. Prior to joining Primary Intelligence, Steve was a Pragmatic Marketing instructor for 15 years and personally trained thousands of product managers and hundreds of company senior executive teams on strategies for creating products that people want to buy. His popular ebook on the strategic role of product management has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Steve is a popular keynote speaker at forums throughout North America and author of many articles on technology product management and marketing.
Blog: http://blog.sjohnson717.com/
Twitter: @sjohnson717
site: http://www.primary-intel.com/author/sjohnson/

Some leading questions to get the discussion (argument!?) off the ground:

Q1. What size company needs a product manager? http://bit.ly/wbRq48 #prodmgmttalk #prodmgmt

Q2. Why can't the founder be a product manager? http://bit.ly/wbRq48 #prodmgmttalk #prodmgmt

Q3. Why do developers hate product managers? http://bit.ly/wbRq48 #prodmgmttalk #prodmgmt

Q4. What percentage of time should product managers spend outside the office? http://bit.ly/wbRq48 #prodmgmttalk #prodmgmt

discuss/debate/determine distinctions between titles, functions, responsibilities, boundaries, descriptions found in product management organizations:

Product Manager
Product Marketer
Product Owner
Agile Product Manager
Program Manager
Project Manager
Scrum Master
and in mobile app/SAAS startups, UX Designer

About Global Product Management Talk

The Global Product Management Talk is curated for passionate product professionals and business owners who want to teach, learn & network about managing products, including Agile practitioners involved with developing, designing & launching products, brands, marketing, project management, and everyone who cares about the entire product management lifecycle process to guarantee successful products and companies.

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