5/12/11: PCamp Austin & Product Camp Marketing Best Practices w/Elizabeth Quintanilla @equintanilla
by prodmgmttalk

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger, spoke about how much fun is PCamp Austin, how to nurture a vibrant product management community between pcamps, logistics, marketing and mentoring volunteers. Different flavors and experiences of other PCamps were discussed.

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger, spoke at the weekly Global Product Management Talk on Twitter Monday, December 5, 2011 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time using the hashtag #prodmgmttalk.

As a former Rocket Scientist, Elizabeth helped navigate spacecraft on their journey from Earth to Mars and as a systems engineer managed the requirements to transition to move navigational software from one code base to another. However, her personal journey brought her back to Texas where she completed her MBA and was a product professional at IBM. In 2009, Elizabeth became an active member of ProductCamp Austin and has been an active Marketing Gunslinger since.

Elizabeth says, “I am thrilled to join the Global Product Management Community on this twitter chat! I have seen various thought leaders and active community members bounce ideas, share best practices and more importantly - grow the community around product management and product marketing. Looking forward to this twitter chat!”

Questions to be discussed:
Q1 Please introduce yourself, your involvement w/products, & where you're tweeting from.

Q2 Are you familiar with the bar camp format? http://bit.ly/uNWXDi

Q3 Have you attended a product camp? Where? How many? http://bit.ly/phwTS1

Q4 Have you managed an event? What kind; product launch, product event?

Q5 What is unique about product camps vs. typical conferences, especially in terms of planning?

Q6 How do you attract & keep volunteers motivated?

Q7 How do you work with a distributed volunteer team to sustain on-going events?

Q8 How do you leverage relationships to sponsor, host and enable product camps?

Q9 How do you build appeal for your (product) event so people will attend after hours/all day Saturday?

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